Publish a Project

Use fab deploy and fab project:<projectname> deploy to upload your project to Amazon S3. Customize the publishing process.

Amazon S3 setup

An Amazon S3 publishing workflow is included in the Tarbell template. To use it, you’ll need your Amazon S3 credentials.

Create a file called in your Tarbell template directory.

        'bucket': '',
        'key': 'KEY',
        'key_id': 'KEYID',

Help! I don’t have an Amazon S3 account.

Amazon S3 is simply online file storage – think of it as FTP on steroids. Setting up an Amazon S3 account is easy. Just check out this beginners guide. If you want to use your S3 “bucket” as a website, read Amazon’s guide to S3 website hosting.


Once your Amazon S3 access credentials are configured, deploying all projects is very simple:

fab target:BUCKETNAME deploy

This will deploy to the bucket specified by BUCKETNAME in

To simplify deploying to the bucket named production, simply run:

fab deploy

When deploying you’ll see something like:

[localhost] local: python
Rendering templates.

Generating project 'base' in /Users/davideads/Repos/tarbell/out/
-- No Google doc configured for base.

Generating project 'readme' in /Users/davideads/Repos/tarbell/out/readme
-- Created JSON /Users/davideads/Repos/tarbell/out/readme/json/values.json
-- Created JSON /Users/davideads/Repos/tarbell/out/readme/json/LAST_UPDATED.json
-- Created JSON /Users/davideads/Repos/tarbell/out/readme/json/projects.json
-- Created page /Users/davideads/Repos/tarbell/out/readme/index.html

[localhost] local: python
Deploying to
Uploading css/style.css
Uploading js/app.js
Uploading js/templates/nav.jst
Uploading js/views/NavigationView.js
Uploading readme/index.html
Refreshing Facebook info for:
Uploading readme/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.css
Uploading readme/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css
Uploading readme/bootstrap/img/glyphicons-halflings-white.png
Uploading readme/bootstrap/img/glyphicons-halflings.png
Uploading readme/bootstrap/js/bootstrap.js
Uploading readme/bootstrap/js/bootstrap.min.js
Uploading readme/css/ir_black.css
Uploading readme/css/style.css
Uploading readme/img/google-screenshot.jpg
Uploading readme/img/html-edit-screenshot.jpg
Uploading readme/img/ida-tarbell.jpg
Uploading readme/img/s3-publish-screenshot.jpg
Uploading readme/js/app.js
Uploading readme/json/LAST_UPDATED.json
Uploading readme/json/projects.json
Uploading readme/json/values.json

To deploy a specific project, use the project:PROJECTNAME flag:

fab project:PROJECTNAME deploy

In the following example, we’ll publish a project called basketball using a bucket configuration named sports:

fab project:basketball target:sports deploy

Please note: The base template is always published – it is assumed most projects will use some base components.

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